My Own Little Way

I wish this could be a blog with a witty name about the amount of children I have or my creative abilities.  Alas, it was never meant to be so.  I’ve tried blogging before.  But my life seems so uninteresting compared to the lives presented on blogs I visit.  I have no great talents or way with words.  In fact, my writing tends to be melodramatic and inspired by emotional whims.  Great motivation for journaling – not so great for spewing out into public.

But the thing is, I still yearn to write, to tap into the blogging community.  Maybe it’s because more and more of my friends from college (the ones who were such close friends six years ago) are choosing this method of communication.  It’s beautiful to have a window into their daily lives.  We are spread across the country, but they again feel close to me.  Maybe it’s because my love language is quality time and this is the best option I’ve got for long-distance friendships.  Maybe St. Therese is calling me again.

I struggle to follow the Little Way.  It seems contrary to everything I am – oldest born child, natural leader, outgoing and energetic around others.  And yet, St. Therese called me to her Little Way years ago.  How am I supposed to fade into the background, seeking no praise or recognition for my work?  How does one truly sacrifice themselves for others?  How will this ultimately bring me joy?

I think this blog might be my path to discovery.  It won’t be the prettiest or cleverest of blogs.  I don’t think I’ll be on par with Jen Fulwiler or Simcha Fisher any time soon.  But maybe writing will help to draw me outside of myself, to think deep thoughts once again, to ponder how to find my own Little Way.

Or maybe it will just peel me away from the nightly TV routine.  That’s good too.


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