A Few of my Favorite Blogs

I’ve come to realize that it’s rather difficult to think of witty blog posts at the end of a tiring day.  And since I’m still recovering from surgery, it’s easier to piggy-back onto some of my favorite blogs to highlight their awesomeness.

  • Wellness Mama – She is my go-to for all things natural.  In fact, I spend a great amount of my free time researching and agonizing over her blog.  I really want to change EVERYTHING in my life RIGHT NOW!  Then I take a breath, stop, and acknowledge that will never happen.  Instead, I’ve decided to take baby steps and try one new thing each month.  This month is homemade laundry detergent.  And marshmallows.  Yum!
  • Conversion Diary – This is my favorite blog: something interesting, poignant and timely for my own life can always be found.  Jen also has great book suggestions when I am yearning for something deeper than the latest romance novel on display at the library (where I find most of my reading material these days – hastily snatched between armfuls of kids books and Disney songs).
  • Creative Minority Report – Always good for some light political reading (if such a thing is possible).  Plus, they blog several times a day so I am never lacking fresh reading material.
  • Patrick & Farrah – Farrah was my college roommate and we had so much fun together during those (mostly) carefree days!  Now we live across the country, but I enjoy keeping up on her life and delicious raw foods recipes from afar.
  • Little Stay at Home Mama – Another good friend from college, she never ceases to make me laugh with her hilarious blog posts.  She’s been on hiatus recently due to baby #3, but I am super excited for her entry back into the blogosphere!
  • Bean in Love – Sheena is Farrah’s sister and another fab blogger.  She is so creative with home projects and sewing on a budget – I am totally in awe of her.  Maybe one day when I have a house I will attempt a few of her ideas.  Mostly like, however, I will continue to admire from afar.
  • Time Flies When You’re Having Babies – Ana is yet another friend from college (apparently all of us majored in mommyhood & blogging) who is always good for a laugh.  She also posts a lot of photos, which I enjoy because it’s so much fun to take a peak into her daily life.

Have any suggestions for other great blogs?  I am always up for a good read!


7 Quick Takes: Family Edition

As this is my first every Quick Takes (and a brand new blog), I thought it might be fun to introduce my family. Here goes!


Our wedding was June 10, 2006.  It was the most wonderful, joyful day of my life when I married my best friend, Ryan.  You see, the two of us grew up together in the same small town, same Catholic church, and same group of family friends.  However, Ryan and I didn’t really become close until high school.  He was my best guy friend, the one who listened to all my teenagery woes – until he wasn’t just my best friend anymore.  We survived five years of dating, a year apart in college and 20 months of engagement before this happy day could occur.


Ryan is a man of many hats.  Six years ago he started out in grad school.  I, the ever dutiful wife, followed him into student housing and bided my time until we were blessed with a child.  Four years ago Ryan applied for a hall director job at a nearby college.  We have been living in a dorm apartment ever since! (It was a step up from the student housing, let me tell you.)  Two years ago the stars aligned and Ryan began an app development company with two buddies.  Last January he decided that it was time to walk away from grad school and dive into his quickly expanding company.  Between his jobs as hall director, app developer and computer consultant on the side, my husband spends his remaining free time in husband and daddy mode.


The second most amazing day of my life occurred when Michael entered the world, December 19, 2008.  I spent his first few weeks just holding him, staring at his darling face and wondering where in the world did he come from?  Michael was a super chill baby who I carted around everywhere with me.  He was an instant favorite with the college kids, grandparents and aunties alike (not terribly difficult when you are the only baby on both sides of the family).  I also noticed rather quickly that he tended toward a flair for the dramatic.  After nearly four years, that personality trait still holds strong.  So does his love of companionship…


What do I do with all of my free time?  Ha!  When you are a stay-at-home momma for a quality-time child, there really isn’t a lot of time to spare.  I keep busy with the general household duties, pathetic attempts at homeschooling and a couple of ministries around campus.  I am also training as a catechist for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  It’s so exciting to watch Michael experience the atrium while I am simultaneously learning the ropes as a future catechist.


What is the most awesome part about living in a dorm, you ask?  Well, free rent and utilities definitely top the list.  Oh, and free babysitters – college girls love kids!  And there tends to be a lot of free food as well.  Free stuff.  That’s great.  Plus, if I want to get all serious on you, it’s so good to have easy access to daily mass and weekly Adoration.


Since this is the family edition, I have to give shout-outs to our extended family too.  We are blessed to have a lot of our family living nearby.  Michael’s grandparents are all within an hour’s drive of our home – which means we get to see them a lot.  One of his aunties practically lives down the street (two more aunties did live across the street, but have since graduated from college and moved on).  Having extended family in town was a dream for me as a kid (everyone lived five hours away), and I am so pleased to make it a reality for Michael.


Finally, our most recent family photo:

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From the Mouth of a Three Year Old

While reading together,

Me: Do you know what animal this is?

Michael: I don’t know.  Umm… honey badger?


Michael: I really want a jalapeno for my birthday!

Me: What? (thinking back through our conversations earlier that day) Do you mean a pinata?

Michael: Yeah, that’s it!


During a father-son discussion about Rescue Heroes and their roles,

Ryan: Do you know what a medic is?

Michael: Yes – a bandaid helper.

A Moment

He flew across campus on his little yellow bike, never pausing to look back.  He was a man on a mission at dinner time.  As soon as the last crumb of cheese cake stuffed its way past his lips, he darted between the dining hall tables and was out the door.  Again, I found myself several steps behind the blur of preschool legs bouncing up and down the hall.  Suddenly the chapel door caught his attention.  By the time I followed him inside he was deep within the sanctuary.

Then I noticed where his little legs had carried him – to the front pew.  Kneeling, with his sun bleached head bowed, he was quietly whispering prayers.  Only God knows what was on his little heart because not even I could decipher his murmurings.  I gazed at his still form, so thankful for this moment of peace.  Another moment later and the reverie was broken, his body on the move again, another adventure in the making.