A Few of my Favorite Blogs

I’ve come to realize that it’s rather difficult to think of witty blog posts at the end of a tiring day.  And since I’m still recovering from surgery, it’s easier to piggy-back onto some of my favorite blogs to highlight their awesomeness.

  • Wellness Mama – She is my go-to for all things natural.  In fact, I spend a great amount of my free time researching and agonizing over her blog.  I really want to change EVERYTHING in my life RIGHT NOW!  Then I take a breath, stop, and acknowledge that will never happen.  Instead, I’ve decided to take baby steps and try one new thing each month.  This month is homemade laundry detergent.  And marshmallows.  Yum!
  • Conversion Diary – This is my favorite blog: something interesting, poignant and timely for my own life can always be found.  Jen also has great book suggestions when I am yearning for something deeper than the latest romance novel on display at the library (where I find most of my reading material these days – hastily snatched between armfuls of kids books and Disney songs).
  • Creative Minority Report – Always good for some light political reading (if such a thing is possible).  Plus, they blog several times a day so I am never lacking fresh reading material.
  • Patrick & Farrah – Farrah was my college roommate and we had so much fun together during those (mostly) carefree days!  Now we live across the country, but I enjoy keeping up on her life and delicious raw foods recipes from afar.
  • Little Stay at Home Mama – Another good friend from college, she never ceases to make me laugh with her hilarious blog posts.  She’s been on hiatus recently due to baby #3, but I am super excited for her entry back into the blogosphere!
  • Bean in Love – Sheena is Farrah’s sister and another fab blogger.  She is so creative with home projects and sewing on a budget – I am totally in awe of her.  Maybe one day when I have a house I will attempt a few of her ideas.  Mostly like, however, I will continue to admire from afar.
  • Time Flies When You’re Having Babies – Ana is yet another friend from college (apparently all of us majored in mommyhood & blogging) who is always good for a laugh.  She also posts a lot of photos, which I enjoy because it’s so much fun to take a peak into her daily life.

Have any suggestions for other great blogs?  I am always up for a good read!


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