Lazy Sunday

Thought you might enjoy a few photos from our weekend.  Michael got “new” bunk beds yesterday, since he has outgrown his toddler bed.  One nice thing about living in a dorm – furniture available at your whim.  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to notice the flower motif on his comforter.  We had to drag out my old college bedding until he receives gender-appropriate sheets for his birthday in a month.

Showing me his favorite part in his favorite book of the week.  This is the exciting  part.

Below is a look at Michael’s room revamp.  I don’t know if I quite have the eye for decoration (we shall see when I have a real house to work on), but I love the challenge of a reorganization.

The lamp was a casualty of the move.

Loads of new storage under the beds, right in time for birthday & Christmas gifts.  Yay!

The only “before” picture I could find was several years ago (yes, that is Michael as a baby).  You’ll have to imagine most of it.  The little art desk and large storage shelves used to be in the spot his dresser currently resides.  The dresser was under the window, as you can see in the old photo.  And a tiny toddler bed was tucked in the corner, left of the dresser and window.

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday!


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