An Extrovert Writing an Introverted Blog

writingSince my reentry into the blogosphere, I stumbled upon the Sheenazing Blogger Awards and it’s got me thinking.  Where does this blog fit in?

When it began, I assumed my posts would lean toward humorous stories of motherhood or life in a dorm.  Turns out daily life has been rather uneventful – and I seem to be more inspired when I have a deep interior thought.  Or when I attempt to join forces with 7 Quick Takes.  It just doesn’t feel natural yet.  I am being stretched and pulled in an unexpected way.

Since I am also relying on moments of inspiration, it has been rather difficult to maintain posting on a regular basis.  I am an extrovert writing an introverted blog.  What kind of craziness is that?

It reminds me of an introverted friend who used to come over to spend time with my husband and me in our little apartment.  He didn’t need us to entertain him.  He was perfectly content to sit on the couch, involved in his own quiet activity, while my husband and I worked on our individual projects.  He called it “introvert bonding” – when people socialize without being social.  For an extrovert, I found it a pleasant change of pace not having to entertain.

I guess this blog is also a change of pace – a forum where I can express my introverted side.  It also explains the occasional breaks in posting: my extroverted and introverted sides have to vie for attention.  You can see which side usually wins.


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